Medieval times road trip

Come along as the Hookset Brothers team up with NDC Legacy Limo, LLC to provide a surprise road trip to 12 Combat Veterans. We enjoy camaraderie, diner and the sport of champions through medieval times.  This is an out of the box trip for the for the organization but it was a very enjoyable trip for all that attended. Again, we have to thank NDC Legacy Limo, LLC and our board of directors for organizing this trip for some of our nations best warfighters.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

We're servants at heart but we were just a small part of the enormous rescue efforts in Houston , Beaumont and surrounding coastal towns. So many have done so much more and still so much to do to fully recover from this devastation. It's AMERICANS helping AMERICANS. We are proud of what we were able to accomplish and are looking for ways we can continue to help in the future. #TexasStrong