HOOkset brothers

Who are the Hookset Brothers?


Hookset Brothers Combat Recovery is dedicated to supporting Veterans who are suffering from Combat-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, by offering an outlet through Fishing and Hunting Outdoor Recovery Trips.  We’re offering an alternative approach to help the Veteran / Soldier cope with the effects and trauma they sustained in fighting for our Nation’s Freedom.  Through the outdoors we believe in conjunction with conventional professional counseling the Veteran / Soldier has a better chance in their PTSD Recovery.

We are governed by an approved 8 board member panel with a mixture of Veterans, Family Members of Veterans and Outdoor enthusiasts.

Through the hard work and support of so many we offer Free Fishing and Hunting trips through our approved Hookset Brothers Combat Recovery Guides in and around East Texas.  These trips are not only a way to thank the Veteran for their sacrifices to our Country but hopefully a step towards building memories that can be leaned on during the hard moments.

Our Fishing opportunities run from Feb to September for Bass Fishing in a SKEETER BASS BOAT from NAUTICAL MILE MARINE.

Our Hunting opportunities run year round with Hog Hunts , Whitetail Deer during their approved season and occasionally special exotic hunts through local High Fence / Low Fence Ranches.

Hookset Brothers Combat Recovery has humble beginnings which started with our Founding Fathers the original Hookset Brothers.  3 Wounded & Disabled Veterans themselves who started fun fishing during their off duty time to Tournament fishing throughout the State of Texas.  They’re main goal was to raise awareness on the therapeutic benefits they found in their own PTSD Recovery through the Outdoors.  For 3 years they successfully ran a Fishing For PTSD Recovery program offering fishing trips to struggling Veterans / Soldiers and for the last year they successfully integrated offering hunting trips all FREE to the Veteran / Soldier.  Their COMMITMENT and PASSION is why today we stand as a UNIFIED organization that is strictly here to benefit those who sacrificed so much for our Nation and put a stop to losing so many Veterans to SUICIDE due to their PTSD struggles.


Hookset Brothers up close

Adam Troy


Martin Montoya


Kody Corrin


U.S. Army 2002 - 2012


Adam deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in '03 - '04, '07 - '08

 and in support of Operation Enduring Freedom '05 - '06

U.S. Army 1999 - 2014


Martin deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in '05-'07, '09-'10 and in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in '11-'12. Martin is also the recipient of the Purple Heart.

U.S. Army 2005-2012


Kody was deployed to Afghanistan in '11 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn.